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🎮 Mastering the Reset: PS4 Controller 🎮

Learn how to reset your PS4 controller in a few simple steps. Master the reset process to fix any issues with your controller. Step-by-step guide with images.

Mastering the Reset: PS4 Controller

PS4 controller upside down showing the reset button location
Locate the Reset Button
Turn your PS4 controller upside down. You'll find a small hole on the back, near the L2 button. This is where the reset button is located.
Unfolded paperclip and toothpick
Prepare Your Tool
You'll need a thin object to press the reset button. We recommend using a small unfolded paperclip or a thin toothpick.
Pressing the reset button on PS4 controller with a paperclip
Press the Reset Button
Gently insert your chosen tool into the reset hole. Press down on the button for about 5 seconds, then release.
PS4 controller connected to the console with a USB cable
Reconnect the Controller
After resetting, reconnect your controller to the PS4 using a USB cable. Press the PS button to pair the controller with the console.

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